Gal Fried

gal fried

Gal Fried is an israeli travel agent that specializes in business & medical travel.



Regesh is an Israeli website that lists the best therapists for kids.

Kol Sadna

Kol sadna

Kol sadna is a leading website for crash courses and courses in Israel.

The Guide


The guide is the leading website for world-wide guided tours for Israelis.

Team Bride


Team Bride is an Israeli places and services listing website for bachelorette parties.

Kol Yekev


Kol Yekev is an Israeli wineries listing website.

Nechalim Ins

nechalim ins

Nechalim insurance is one of the leading insurance agencies for digital nomads, travellers and backpackers.

Silvera Nadlan

סילברה נדלן

Nadav and Danielle are a real estate enthusiasts, and such they run a succesful real estate development and managment ageny.

Trip Info


Trip Info is the leading website for Covid-19 restrictions & tourism content. Reached to 1M+ visitors during 2021 and sold in the middle of 2022.

Danielle Silvera

Danielle Silvera is a top Israeli make up artist. I planned, designed, developed and organicly promoted her website.